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Safety on the Gulf Coast

Safety on the Gulf Coast


What are the first words that come to your mind when you think of the beach? Summer? Sun? Relaxation? Bocce? These are all good answers, but there’s another word that we at Sea Turtle Sports implore you to at least consider. That word is safety.


In the last few weeks there has been a strong rip current off the shores of Alabama and several swarms of sharks close to shore in other areas.  With our headquarters situated along the Gulf Coast, we think it’s important to be aware of some tips for this area.


The first thing to do when arriving at the beach is check for flags for riptides, sharks, or other unsafe swimming conditions.  If you don’t understand what the flags mean, lifeguards in the area will happily let you know. 


If you do get caught in a riptide, here are some tips for handling it like a pro:

  • Don’t panic! Stay calm and don’t try to fight the current.
  • Swim parallel to the shore until you are out of the current, and then swim to shore.
  • If you can’t swim to shore, float or tread water until you are free from the current.
  • Stay at least 100 feet from jetties or piers, as these objects often have a permanent rip current around them.


It is also important to know what to do if you’re on the beach and you see someone else stuck in a rip current. The first thing you should do is look for a lifeguard to tell. If there isn’t one available, have someone call 9-1-1. If you have any flotation devices with you, try to toss it to the person in the current. Also you may have a better vantage point and could instruct them on how to get out of the current.


We love the beach and know you do as well.  We hope you keep our tips in mind to have a safe summer full of fun, good times, and great memories.

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