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Great Socially Conscious Additions to Your Beach Bag

Great Socially Conscious Additions to Your Beach Bag

Team SeaTurtle Sports loves the beach.  Based on the Gulf Coast, we escape to the beach whenever given the chance.  While we frequently can be found playing one of our games, we also like to pack a few of our favorite accessories for the ideal beach experience.


As you know we at SeaTurtle Sports care for the environment and are all for social causes.  Therefore you shouldn’t be surprised with some of our beach favorites below:


Panda Sunglasses


You can never go wrong with beautifully-crafted sunglasses from a company who emphasizes the environment and other social causes.  This company makes their products only out of sustainable bamboo and every pair of sunglasses sold gives the gift of vision to someone in need.  Panda donates a portion of sales to a company named Optometry Giving Sight, which helps pay for medical treatment and glasses to help people who need it.  The sunglasses are right on trend and with the social emphasis, definitely feel good product.


Panda website:




Sun Watch Beach Towels


Why be ordinary when you can be unique?  This company recognizes a round-shaped towel provides more space and comfort and you only have to readjust yourself, not the towel when the sun moves. Unique style aside, Sun Watch Beach towels have a worthy social purpose.  Originally, the company sold one towel with the Sun Watch Beach logo on it. For every towel sold, they gave money to a current natural disaster recovery effort. As the company expanded, they added new towels, each with a specific charity represented by the towel’s image.


We got a ton of positive comments from our American Flag towel on the July 4th weekend!


Sun Watch Beach website:




Do you have any favorite beach accessories?  Share them with us at info@seaturtlesports.com!

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