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SeaTurtle Sport's Holiday Season Shopping List

SeaTurtle Sport's Holiday Season Shopping List

With the Holiday Season ramping up and shopping in full swing, SeaTurtle Sports has been on the look out for interesting and different gifts to order for our friends and family. We have found ourselves often looking to Kickstarter, a platform we enthusiastically support as entrepreneurs ourselves for the freshest, most engaging, and newest products. Since we took the time to do the research, we thought we’d share our favorite current Kickstarter products with you just in time for the Holiday Season:


#1 Moral Dilemma


Our friends up North have created a game similar to Cards Against Humanity targeting university students through to adults. This game is certain to make your friends and family gatherings laughter-filled and makes a great gift for anyone who likes board games, hosts regular get-togethers, or likes an excuse to debate dilemmas.


#2 Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag


The Bomber Barrel sets out to redesign the traditional duffle bag with a more modern take for athletes, professionals, minimalists, weekend getaways, and general travel. With the tagline “The Best Damn Duffle Bag,” this bag is perfect for the traveler in your life or the young professional and provides a timeless piece suitable for any activity. You can order the duffle bag separately or step it up and order the full travel set which includes a Mini Bomber traveller pack and a Bomber Cord Survival Bracelet.


#3 Baron Shave Kit


For the classic men in your life, the Baron Shave Kit offers a throw back to a time when shaving was an art and promises it will be the last razor the man in your life will ever need. The kit features a safety razor, shave brush, stand, and travel case. You can make a timeless ritual a perfect shave and a more pleasurable experience with this Kickstarter project.



We hope you enjoyed and found our Holiday Season shopping guide useful.  Of course, you can never go wrong with a SeaTurtle Sports' game as a gift for your loved ones.  


Happy Holidays!


Team SeaTurtle Sports

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