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Three Top Last-Minute Shopping Websites

Three Top Last-Minute Shopping Websites

We're getting deep into December now, and for many of us, that means it's time to coast through a final week at work, then head home for a cozy, relaxing family rendezvous. Of course, for the rest of us, it means feverishly combing through department stores and malls in search of Christmas presents.


If that describes you, then you're reading the right article.


We've got you covered. Listed here are three great spots to find some awesome, low-cost gifts. Not only that, but we'll also give you an option that works all the way down to the wire. Before that though, we'll toss in a plug for our personal favorite stop for gifts: the Seaturtle online store. But if you're not currently in the market for outdoor games (no matter how amazing), we'd advise checking one of these fine sites.




Slickdeals sounds – and looks – a little shady. However, the idea behind the site is solid. If you're familiar with Reddit, it's probably easiest to think of Slickdeals as its shopping-oriented brother. Users submit and vote on retail deals they've discovered. Popular deals show up more prevalently, and front-page options are almost universally excellent buys. You can find everything from power tools to jewelry on the site, making it a great choice for a shopper on a tight budget.


[Stuff] You Can Afford


We can't write this site's actual name on a family-friendly website, so we'll leave that particular discovery up to you. That said, SYCA is one of the all-time great gift shopping websites, especially if you're buying for a tech-happy recipient. The premise is simple: the site lists fun gadgetry and toys available on Amazon, but only picks out items under $25. SYCA's very obviously a labor of love. The descriptions under each entry are thoughtful and usually funny. And the entries themselves? Usually just as funny. SYCA contains a long list of things you never would have thought of on your own, but still make amazing gifts. After all, who can say no to a yodeling pickle?




Sure sure, everyone knows about Groupon. They're the biggest deal of the day site, and they've been around for quite some time. But, most people only scratch the surface of what Groupon covers. They certainly do offer discounts on goods, but that isn't what makes them the ultimate last-minute gift shop. It's the deals they offer on local experiences. Even if you're down to the 24th, you can still grab a discounted ticket to dance classes, or a inexpensive reservation at a fancy restaurant. They're like gift cards except less tacky and better thought out. Even better are the Groupon getaways. Presenting a special someone with a planned weekend vacation for two is sure to score you at least a few holiday points.


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