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Tips for Spring Break 2015

Tips for Spring Break 2015

The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming.  This can only mean one thing: spring is next week! March 21st marks the wonderful time of year that determines warmer weather, bluer skies, and the time for schools to let out for their most fun break: Spring Break. As such, here are some fun tips and tricks to make sure your Spring Break is the best it can be.

Always tell someone where you will be.
Whether it’s a parent or best friend, having someone just know your whereabouts is a safety precaution. What if your rental car breaks down and you never make it to wherever you were driving? No harm and no foul in telling someone your plans!

Bring cash with you.
Credit cards are great, but sometimes it’s silly to use cash when you just need a pack of gum from the gas station or to pay a bouncer cover to get in a club. Also, some clubs and bars have a minimum charge for cards, so if you’re the designated driver and want to have only one drink or just buy soft drinks, you might not get up to the total needed for the card charge.

It is ALWAYS a good idea to have an ICE card in your wallet or purse.
ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency.” It should include 3 or four emergency contacts with one of the contacts being a person in your group. A lot of cellphones nowadays have a tag for ICE, so take a few minutes and just update some contacts in your phone.

Confirm reservations.
You never want to be that person that forgot to confirm and accidentally booked incorrectly for the week AFTER you wanted to vacation. Check a week or two prior to your stay. If the booking isn’t in your name but you want to check on the reservation, just ask whoever booked it for the confirmation number. The hotel or condo should allow it considering you’re not changing anything, just making sure everything is ready.

Make sure you pack appropriately.
Check the weather! A week or a couple days before your trip, check the local forecast. If you’re planning a ski trip, it may not be freezing every single day. If you’re heading to the Florida Panhandle, a cold-snap might surprise you if you don’t check.

See what else is in the area.
Be adventurous and try something new! Try skydiving, hiking, SCUBA-diving, or whatever is new that your trip offers that you haven’t tried.

Whether it’s designating a driver, taking a cab, asking for directions, being wise when meeting new friends, or checking reviews for the new zip lining hut that appeared overnight next to your resort, be wise and use common sense.

Lastly, HAVE FUN! This is your mid-semester break from school. Leave the books at home if you can and relax and unwind. And...don't forget to pack your SeaTurtle Sports' games for your trip.  Here’s to Spring 2015!

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