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Beach Bocce Ball Fashion: Cool and Loose

Beach Bocce Ball Fashion: Cool and Loose

Now that warm weather has finally arrived, it’s time to get together for a party at the beach, park, or backyard and toss some Beach Bocce balls. But you don’t want to go out there looking like a schlub, do you? Beach Bocce fashion really boils down to two elements—looking cool and feeling cool. If you’re smart, the two will go hand in hand.

Bold colors are always a good decision. For guys, brightly colored swim shorts and Panama shirts are a good combination. For the women, consider a printed sundress, which never goes out of style. Unlike the boardroom, the beach is a place where it’s OK to stand out in a crowd. Beach Bocce Ball is one of the most colorful games out there, so why not dress to match?

Too many people neglect headgear when they step outdoors. When you’re out playing games on the beach, a wide-brimmed sunhat will keep you cool better than any other accessory and look snazzy in the process. Unless you’re down on the farm, you can probably do better than a run-of-the-mill straw hat. A white or tan safari hat looks great no matter your age and stays in place if the wind picks up. Ladies have a lot of room for creativity in terms of lids. Pretend it’s the Kentucky Derby and just go crazy.

Here’s the easy part: Shoes are optional. Flip-flops, sandals and deck shoes are welcome. Ski-boots? Don’t think so. This is summer, people, get with the program!

I’ll leave you with one final tip: Have fun. This isn’t the runway and it’s not the Summer Olympics either. It’s a party at the beach. Enjoy the camaraderie of a good game but don’t get too serious.

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