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Beach Bocce Ball = Girl (or Guy) Magnet

Beach Bocce Ball = Girl (or Guy) Magnet

News flash: Beach Bocce Ball is a sexy game. With a few easy steps, you can look sexy playing it, even if it’s your first time. And if you look your sexiest, you’re bound to get some well-deserved attention.

Step One: Relax. You can’t look cool if you don’t feel cool. Picture the Fonz. Say “Heyyy” in your best Fonzie voice. Feeling cool yet? That’s what you’re going for: Cool, Calm and Collected.

Step Two: Put a fancy drink in your hand. Take a drink. Smile. Don’t forget about step one.

Step Three: Smile at the people. Laugh. Yuck it up. This is a game—have a good time and stop worrying. Work can wait. Your bills can wait. Fun is contagious, and it’s also-you guessed it-sexy.

If you have a significant other standing next to you, there’s no reason you can’t still look sexy. Keep the flames burning with some sexy but friendly competition. Use your imagination, folks.

Why is Beach Bocce such a sexy game, you ask? That’s easy: You play it on the beach. There’s no dress code. You can play shirtless or in a string bikini. You couldn’t look goofy playing this game if you tried. I dare you.

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