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Beach Bocce and Saint Valentine’s Day

Beach Bocce and Saint Valentine’s Day

Roses? A box of chocolates? A love poem scribbled on parchment paper? Yikes, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and you haven’t gotten a gift for the significant other in your life—what are you going to do now? Calm down, take a breath: We got this.

Take your guy or girl to the beach and play some Beach Bocce Ball. Heck, have a party at the beach. So what if it’s February. We both know it’s warm enough for outdoor recreation, so get out there and play. You see, a game is a win-win proposition. You can’t go wrong. Roses? Roses die. Chocolates get eaten. Love poems are what you wrote in high school. A game is just pure, unadulterated fun. So many of us stress about what to get for the people we care about. Make it easy this time around, and give the gift of a good time.

Here’s what you do: Start with breakfast in bed. Keep it basic, like eggs, toast, and coffee. Put a beach bocce ball in a bowl, just as if it’s a grapefruit. When your S.O. gives you that “huh?” look, all you have to say is “Get dressed—it’s game day.”

Head to the beach. Take your camera so you can capture some nice memories. Take along a bottle of bubbly. Most of all, have a good time. If you see other folks enjoying the beach, then invite them to play along. This is kind of our mantra: Beach Bocce Ball isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about fun, friendship, and good spirits.

So quit stressing already. Turn your romance up to 11 with bocce at the beach. Leave the roses, sappy cards, and candlelit dinners where you can’t see the menu to all the other schlubs.

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