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Bring a Little Beach to your Winter Wonderland

Bring a Little Beach to your Winter Wonderland

Baby, it's cold outside. It’s December 22 and officially winter 2011, though many of you have been shoveling snow for a month.  Just take your mind back to your favorite summer beach, and entice your gang outside for some beach bocce shenanigans. They may need to be coerced a bit to brave the elements, so we’ve got some “cool” ideas to put together a showstopper of a Beach Bocce party - no matter how low the mercury drops.

     Hot Drinks: Why stop with hot coffee? Sweeten things up with hot cocoa and a cinnamon stick. For another twist, try hot apple cider, hot orange juice, or hot coffee with ginger or orange zest. Get creative and don't worry about it.

    Hot Food: Keep the belly fires stoked when those winter winds blow. (Good thing those beach bocce balls are heavy and steady in rough air).  Serve up hot dogs and hamburgers if you want to bring back summer memories. Or, go with hot soup and homemade chili for traditional, hearty fare. Either way, good food helps you stay warm and energized, which you'll need for your best beach bocce stroke in cold air.

    Bonfire: Nothing beats a roaring flame to drive away Old Jack Frost. When you're not rolling beach bocce balls, warm your mitts by the fire and swap war stories with friends. After all, the whole point of a beach bocce party is to bring people together. Just be sure you take fire safety measures and don’t break any laws.

    Stay Close: During the cold season, you probably don't want to stray too far from the warmth of home. With that in mind, choose a beach or park for your beach bocce party that's no more than a few minutes away.  If the cold air bites, shelter will be close at hand.

    Make a Game of It:  It’s cold!  Even with nourishment, those minds and muscles may need motivation.  So take your game up a notch above summer casual. Host a tournament.  Get those players focused on a Winter Winner takes all tournament. 

Think about it: You may just start a tradition of wintertime beach bocce. A Hatteras Ho-Down or Cape Cod Bocce Bowl may be just the thing to put a little summer in your winter.


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