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Bocce: An Evolving Tradition

Bocce: An Evolving Tradition

It's the simplest games that have both the richest history and the greatest appeal to the masses. While the exact origins of bocce aren't clear, the game may have roots going back 7,000 years. We know that Italian immigrants in the 19th century brought the game to America, and for decades bocce leagues in Italian communities have sustained a bit of Old World culture.

Recently, the younger generation has taken up the call of bocce. They grew up watching their elders play on neighborhood courts, and want to continue the tradition. In Italian-American enclaves across the east coast, but especially New York and New Jersey, young people have rekindled the age-old appreciation for bocce. It's only natural that this renaissance should include Beach Bocce as well. After all, Beach Bocce is a modern and youthful twist on the classic game.

In a way, Beach Bocce takes the game back to its roots. It's possible that thousands of years ago people played a bocce-like game on warm, sandy beaches. Ancient fishermen and warriors needed R&R just like people today. Why not Beach Bocce?

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