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What Kind of Beach Bocce Player Are You?

What Kind of Beach Bocce Player Are You?

Like most casual games, Beach Bocce has a way of bringing out each player’s personality. You’ll notice the assertive types may toss their balls rather than roll them. More reserve players will try to get close to the jack without knocking fellow players out of the way.  Those deep thinkers often contemplate ball positions for minutes on end before taking their turn. And order-obsessed players will fixate on ball patterns and groupings over scoring strategies. 

Get to know someone over a game of Beach Bocce.  You might be surprised at what you can learn about your friends from a deceptively simple game. Use their traits to your advantage.  Just remember it is okay if you find your own personality falls in the realm of “it’s just a game.” Celebrate the victor and enjoy the bigger win: a great time shared with family and friends over a casual game of Beach Bocce.   

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