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What are the rules of Beach Bocce Ball?

What are the rules of Beach Bocce Ball?

The best part about Beach Bocce Ball is that you can play as long or as little as you want. The rounds can end after one or go on forever – or until the sun goes down. Here’s how it works: Only one player or team scores per round. The winner scores one point for each ball closer to the Jack (small target ball) than the closest ball of the other players. If it is difficult to visually determine whose ball rests closest to the Jack the players can use the measuring string provided with the Beach Bocce Ball set. Play continues until one player or team reaches 13 points, unless a different score has been decided upon prior to the beginning of the game. Thirteen points is standard for a game, but any pre-determined total is acceptable. Many people play the best two out of three games to determine a match.

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