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Beach Bocce Balls - Made to Last

Beach Bocce Balls - Made to Last

We created the ideal set by sizing Beach Bocce to the smaller Petanque balls (French Bocce), minus their rust-prone metal construction, and formulating our own weather and impact resistant material, more like traditional (Italian) bocce balls, but without their heavy weight and large size.The 8 custom-designed Beach Bocce balls in bright beach colors are made of durable synthetic polymers for maximum impact resistance. We use a production process known as injection-molding, which combined with the tough polymers, insures our beach bocce balls will stand up to extreme conditions like salt water and high impacts. Thoroughly tested for durability and shock resistance, they won't chip or rust. All together the perfect beach game to unwind with family and friends.   

Beach Bocce Ball Cutaway - Solid Construction

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