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SeaTurtle Sports Launches New Game and Option for Special Edition, Custom Color Sets

SeaTurtle Sports Launches New Game and Option for Special Edition, Custom Color Sets


We’re happy to announce the release of our newest game, Turtle Toss! After years of product development, design, and testing, we finally got it just right. Like our other games, Turtle Toss is highly portable and strikingly durable. Oh yeah, and awesome.


Turtle Toss is our variation of Cornhole (or Bag-O as they call it up north). However, our boards aren’t made out of clumsy wood; they’re crafted out of high quality polyester fabric and an aluminum frame. The board is as collapsible as your favorite beach chair and incredibly lightweight. They fit perfectly into our custom carrying bags, so all you have to do is swing the boards over your shoulder and get going. So next time you’re hitting the beach with the fam, don’t lug around those big Cornhole boards, just toss Turtle Toss in the bag and hit the road! The polyester boards also allow for a new type of shot: the bounce shot. This adds a whole new layer to the game. You can bounce your shot in or bounce other players off the board!


We took the traditional one-hole Cornhole design and decide to kick it up a notch. Rather than tossing your bags into one hole, Turtle Toss has three holes, each with a different number of points assigned to it. The largest and closest hole is 1 point, the second largest hole in the middle is 2 points, and naturally the small hole in the back is 3. Rather than sinking shots through one big hole, now you have three holes to sink shots in, and it takes skill to hit the 3-pointers.


We also decided to enhance the bean bags that come with the set. Everybody is familiar with the classic quadrangular bean bags used in Cornhole. However, at SeaTurtle Sports we’re a little more familiar with our barrel shaped bags. These bags provide for maximum bounce-ability, and in our opinion they’re the perfect bags for dropping air mail (a direct shot in the hole) all over your opponents, who are most likely your neighbors and family. Even better.


For a limited time, SeaTurtle Sports is offering custom-colored Turtle Toss sets. If you select Turtle Toss Special Edition Set from our product drop-down menu you will find all of the collegiate color combinations available. A great ultra fun game in your favorite team colors…what could be better?







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