About Us

About Us


SeaTurtle Sports is more than the creators of beautifully-crafted, addictive games. Our company is a catalyst to making memories, whether it’s a great beach vacation or endless hours of backyard fun.  

Our purpose is simple: we make highly social games that help you disconnect from our digital world and reconnect with those most important to you – friends and family. Whenever and wherever you escape. Whether it’s the sand beneath your feet, rhythm of the waves, warmth of the sun, melody of laughter filling the air, or conversation between friends that moves you, our games are designed to elevate your next weekend getaway, tailgating event, backyard barbecue, camp out, or afternoon at the park.

Our game designs are innovative, fun, portable and built to go wherever life takes you. Our colors are playful yet laidback, like the spirit of a coastal beach town. Inspirations stem from guavas (our greens), bonfires (our fiery oranges), the feathers of a Toucan bird (our airy yellows), and the emerald blue ocean on a clear summer day (our beachy blues).

SeaTurtle Sports games can’t be played alone. They are games of camaraderie that bring people together. So simple and universal they break down language, cultural and age barriers. Our games have been spotted all over the world. They require no game clock. There are no umpires or judges. No hard and fast rules. Just a few guidelines to keep the games moving.

At SeaTurtle Sports, we play hard but we also work hard to foster a culture of giving back. Whether sponsoring entrepreneurs globally through a micro-funding platform, donating our games to American troops abroad, or mentoring college interns, we continually do our best to positively impact as many lives as possible. We live, create, and breathe this culture. Our brand itself pays homage to a beautiful and endangered beach and ocean inhabitant – the sea turtle. We hope we can inspire you to join us in protecting these beautiful creatures for future generations while creating lifelong memories along the way.