WINO Wine Drip Rings


6-Pack and 12-Pack Options.

Red, white or rose, wine drips are ugly and make a mess, ruining napkins, tablecloths, bottle labels - and the wine presentation. WINO is the inexpensive, simple solution to wine drips and stains. And just as great for no drip pours with bottled oils and vinegars.

Just slip a WINO ring onto the bottle neck and pour with confidence. Our food-safe silicone rings fit any bottle, with foil on or off. And they're practically invisible. When the corks are really popping, our multi-pack gives you rings to spare. Wash and reuse or toss with the empties. It’s always a smooth flow with WINO.

How WINO rings work: A stream of wine tends to curl backward over the lip and run down the side of a glass bottle because glass is hydrophilic, meaning it attracts water. Using our ring, a drop of wine does not have the downward momentum to travel up and over the ring barrier against the force of gravity. Instead, it falls into the gap between the bottle and the ring, where it is sealed.

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