Turtle Disc


Do you need something to do between napping on the beach and making your way back to a cozy hammock? SeaTurtle Sports brings you a premium disc when the urge for a good toss strikes, with no threat to your leisurely pursuits. It’s the official disc of USA Ultimate, which means, once you get one, the only thing separating you from the pros is a lucrative sweatband sponsorship.

Features include:

  • 175 g., 10.75 in. disc that is the official disc of USA Ultimate and the choice of teams worldwide for casual, league and tournament play.
  • Longer Distance: our Turtle Disc flies farther than any other disc in its class.
  • Superior Stability: maintains your release angle longer than any other disc designed for both throwing and catching. But not to yourself; it isn’t a boomerang.
  • Advanced Aerodynamics: aerodynamic engineering (we won’t blow your mind with the PhD-level particulars) and a contoured grip amount to a disc that’s easier to throw at all levels of play from a toss on the beach to a World Championship Ultimate Disc match.

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