SeaTurtle Sports Mini Disc


The SeaTurtle Sports Mini Pocket Disc is ultra portable and can be thrown as close or far as you want. Play catch at short range for leisure or spread out to test your skill. Some players have mastered up to 200 feet!

It's the perfect on the go game made for spontaneous fun wherever life takes you. The disc is designed for stable flight which makes throwing and catching easy, giving you the freedom to throw level or on a curve. The Mini is made of soft and flexible premium silicone so it's easy to grab and won't beat up your hands like a plastic disc.

Choose between yellow, orange or green.

• Pocket-sized
• Play catch at short distances for leisure or spread out to test your skill
• Flexible silicone material
• Stable flight equals predictable and accurate throws
• Diameter: 2½", height: ½"
• Great for hand eye coordination and a great workout.

Great for the beach, park, camping or any getaway with family and friends.

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