Washer Toss Double Board Set


Our Washer Toss game challenges two or four players to score in three holes of different sizes, with the highest points awarded to throws that land in the smallest hole. Similar to horseshoes, washers are usually tossed underhand with a small amount of backspin helping them stick on landing. They can also be thrown like a flying disc.

Our versatile indoor-outdoor fold-and-go game board requires no assembly and features a storage pouch for washers, rules and personal items, eliminating the need for a separate carry bag. The metal and canvas frame is compact and light, with convenient strap handles and soft, rubber feet for indoor play. And our washers are made of corrosion and wear resistant aluminum.

Features Include:
• 2 collapsible boards for maximum portability (each 21" L x 16" W)
• Eight (8) custom cut “sea turtle” aluminum washers (4 red, 4 yellow, 2" x 1/8")
• Attached washers storage/carry pouch

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