Most outdoor games are favorites among different age groups, whether young children, college kids, or a more mature crowd. HOOT! breaks down ability and entertainment barriers and is designed for spontaneous, unpredictable social gaming and fun. HOOT! can be played at any age. Its inspiration is a traditional team game called Egg Toss and a classic outdoor game, Scoop Ball. We took the best of both and added a new twist. 

HOOT! is the perfect game for staying active, improving hand-eye coordination and bringing people together. You can’t play HOOT! without breaking a smile. It’s lightweight and portable, requires no assembly and can be played on any surface. The game components come packaged in a bright, custom-crafted carry bag.


Game Overview:

HOOT! is an outdoor game played with two or four players, two per team, where one team member tosses a rubber ball and the other attempts to catch it with a hand-held scoop at progressively greater and more difficult distances. Teams score on offense but can also score when playing defense by intercepting their opponent’s tossed ball. Teams can also call shots (by shouting out HOOT!) with double points awarded on a completed toss. The first team to reach 21 points wins the match.

HOOT! provides hours of outdoor activity. It’s a leisurely-paced game ideal for family and friend get togethers, backyard fun, tailgating, camping trips, or at the beach, cottage or lake.


Features Include:

  • Four (4) plastic scoops
  • Two (2) rubber balls
  • Custom carry bag
  • Laminated weatherproof rules




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