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Roulé Board Game


Roulé is a new wood table top board game, destined to be a classic. Let the Good Times Roll with Roulé!

Chances are you have some type of board game in your home … there are hundreds. Some classics like chess and checkers are played by millions and date back over a thousand years.

Welcome to Roulé. Roulé is a tabletop board game inspired by the classic games of marbles, pool, and bocce. It’s simple but not simplistic, both mentally challenging and physically engaging, a game to be mastered by board game lovers of any age.

Roulé (which is a French word for roll) will make you think - but not too hard - and then test your shot making skills. Shot selection strategy is just as important as executing a marble-to-hole-roll on our beautifully crafted solid red oak game board. Roulé is addictive fun for all ages. Designed to bring friends and families together, just like our SeaTurtle Sports outdoor games have done for over 16 years.

Roulé can be played by 2 or 4 players in a singles match or in teams of 2. To begin, each player selects 4 marbles of the same color. The object of Roulé is to roll large marbles from a player’s shot zone across a board into 4 target holes in the opponent’s shot zone. Players alternate shots with the goal to land more balls in the target holes faster than their opponent.

We designed 3 variations of the game — Roulé, Roulé 21, and Rapid Roulé — to fit your crowd, your mood and how fast you want to play. And with all our games, we encourage players to be creative and add their own. For any version, the player or team filling the most holes wins.

As holes fill creating shot lines is more difficult, but players can strategically use the shot zone dividers, board back rim, and balls on the board as bumpers. Creative shot making opportunities are near endless, and every game is different. Whatever it takes to get your marbles in target holes faster than your opponent!

Features Include:

Solid red oak wood board (23.5 inches)
16 "Boulder" (1-inch) marbles, 4 of each color
Cotton drawstring carry bag
Game rules

Warning! Choking Hazard — Small parts. Not for children under 5 years.


Making a difference. One game at a time.

Meet the SeaTurtle Sports Family

Our story actually begins back in 2002, while on a family vacation in Grayton Beach, Florida, when the idea for the business - or at least our first game, Beach Bocce Ball – was born.

A life-long friend lucky enough to live on Grayton Beach introduced us to playing bocce-on-the-beach. Our sons, ages 10 and 13, were immediately hooked and easily torn away from the video games that had previously accompanied them everywhere. The only problem was this addictive new bocce game had rusting balls, chipped paint, and gave off the appearance of a very mediocre set. Inspired by hours of relaxed family fun, we set out to craft a bocce set that was both portable and durable, pairing bright, beachy colors with injection molded bocce balls that wouldn’t crack or rust.

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