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Cobalt Skies, Indigo Surf, Ivory Sand

Cobalt Skies, Indigo Surf, Ivory Sand

These days, cobalt skies, indigo surf and ivory sands come with more subcultures than you will find on your average urban street. There are the posers who use the beach as a podium from which to strut their (buff) stuff, the oh-so-serious volleyball aces who treat the Oceanside ocean-side as though it were the Olympics, the ever-cool surfers meditating on the perfect swell, and the brief and bikini-clad bronzers who only leave their towels to fetch a cocktail.

Then, of course, there is you: the type who isn’t just pretending to be at the seaside for the fun of it, but is on an authentic search for a festive and soothing time-out from life’s hustle and bustle. Amid all the hipsters, fashionistas, golden oldies and glam-fams, you look positively Zen. In between soothing strolls and cat naps, you can be found whizzing around the dunes with friends and a collection of BBocce balls or discs. For you, beach games are not about pumping up your abs or peacocking in front of the sexiest babes. You don’t care if your tossing-skills are below par because you know how to have fun trying.

When pretension is tossed aside in favor of soaking up the mellow rhythms of ocean life, magical things happen. The seaside becomes a more social place where friendships and romances are struck up with ease. Your mind is freed from the workday grind and everyday worries melt in the midday sun. It is with these goals in mind that SeaTurtle Sports first launched its concept. In those days, we breathed fresh life into coastal weekends and vacations through our very first game, Beach Bocce: a concept that injected fun into the tired world of old-fashioned seaside sports. We brought you a full, aerodynamic Bocce toolkit designed to last. You adored it, so we brought you Beach Bocce Ball Mini and created Turtle Toss and Yazoo, two new concepts principled in easy-to-play, friendly games.

After that, SeaTurtle Sports took on a life of its own, with our greatest enthusiasts turning it into a lifestyle that stretched to include accessories and clothing. For that reason, we now bring you everything you could possibly need for your Bocce-based routine, from polo shirts and tumblers to comprehensive reviews of the prime beach spots on Tthe Atlantic Gulf coastline. The reinvention of our brand and its resulting new-look website were guided by your own passion, enthusiasm and down-to-earth appetite for fun beach-side gaming.

Our loyal followers might sink into the lazy life when they’re on holiday but when downtime becomes up-time, they’re not afraid of hard work. Generation Y is quickly proving itself as a group of potent profound thinkers and entrepreneurs, which is why we at SeaTurtle Sports offer internships that add value to the educations of undergraduates and MBA students from an array of varsities. Our encouragement of Gen Y’s business ownership skills also extends to donations to Kiva.org, an organization that fuels the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you and your buddies enjoy the accidental participation of strangers while you play, your gaming terrain is always the most social spot on the beach. If your home is land-locked and vacation is only a twinkle on the horizon, we’re always happy to meet you in the park, at your tailgate parties, and in your own backyard, where we hope your Bocce game will lead to an extended list of local friends.If you’re a seaside-safari fan whose highlighted tresses and tan come from real sun rather than a bottle, you’re a SeaTurtle aficionado whether you know it or not.

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