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SeaTurtle Sports’ Most Beautiful Sunset Locations

SeaTurtle Sports’ Most Beautiful Sunset Locations

We all have seen a beautiful sunset at least once in our lifetime and captured that moment on camera or using our smartphones.  But where can one go for the most consistently outstanding sunsets? 

Situated on the Gulf Coast directly across the street from the beach, SeaTurtle Sports’ headquarters has experienced regular stunning sunsets.  Just ask company founder, Allen, who can show you at least 50 he has captured this year on his iPhone.  Through our marketing tours, the rest of Team SeaTurtle Sports have seen sunsets throughout the Gulf Coast from Texas to the Florida Panhandle, and we all have opinions on our favorites.

SeaTurtle Sports has put together a list of our top ten sunset locations.  It should be no surprise that several of these locations highlight when the sun sets over a white sand beach.  How many of these places have you seen the sun set?


1)   Oahu, Hawaii

2)   Perdido Key, Florida

3)   Cape Town, South Africa

4)   Santorini Island, Greece

5)   Flint Hills, Kansas

6)   Santa Monica Pier, California

7)   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

8)   Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

9)   Bora Bora, Tahiti

10) Colombo, Sri Lanka


It has become our company goal to play one of SeaTurtle Sports’ games at each of these places during sunset.  Do you have any other sunset suggestions for us?  If so, please share with us on Twitter at twitter.com/SeaTurtleSports!

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