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Memorial Day Essentials

Memorial Day Essentials


Break out the burgers and hot dogs because Memorial Day is just around the corner! At SeaTurtle Sports we believe that good friends and a great grill master are the most essential aspects of any Memorial Day cookout, but if you're trying to throw the best cookout on the block, then here are a few recommendations to spice up the party.


The #1 Grill Tip

We all know that the grill is where the magic happens at any good cookout. Food is in high demand so the pressure is on the grill master to cook a lot of food AND to make sure it tastes good. To accomplish this feat we recommend setting one side of your grill to high and the other to low. You start cooking your meats on the high side of the grill to get that perfect char and then you slide them over to the low heat side so the inside stays juicy. Then throw some fresh meat on the high heat side, and repeat. Simple and efficient!


Backyard games

Every cookout has wiffle ball or some two-hand-touch football. Mix it up this year with some SeaTurtle Beach Bocce Ball or our version of Beersbee, Yazoo! Are you traveling to your Memorial Day party? Not a problem! All of our games are high quality and highly portable. Perfect for the beach, the lake, or your neighbor’s backyard!


Patriotic Parfaits

A great party needs a great desert, so check out this recipe for patriotic parfaits! These parfaits are a great way to keep your party festive, refreshing, delicious, AND healthy.



Watermelon Lemonade

Need a cold beverage to combat the summer heat? Instead of regular ol' lemonade, this year try watermelon lemonade! A perfect drink for all ages, and remember to add your favorite spirits at the adult table.




What better way to end the perfect cookout than with some sparklers. Your kids will love them and they're the best way to light up the night!


Don't forget your sunscreen and bug-spray, and happy Memorial Day from SeaTurtle Sports!

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