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An Intern's Tale of a Game of Yazoo

An Intern's Tale of a Game of Yazoo


This is the true story of our intern’s first game of Yazoo. This is also the story of one of the greatest games of Yazoo ever played. During this match tensions ran high and best buds were temporarily divided, but in the end all was well. We at SeaTurtle Sports understand that Yazoo is incredibly entertaining, and quite possibly the most laid-back game known to man, but competition amongst best buds is sometimes inevitable. Nevertheless, please note that nobody was harmed in the playing of this incredible sport, and that shortly after the game ended all players became best buds once again and proceeded to grill up some cheeseburgers by the pool.


This is their story:


The Louisiana sun skewed his vision as he stared at a lone pole in a grassy sprawl. He needed one more Yaz to win the game. Sweat clouded his brow and his canine companion panted at his feet in an attempt to grab the Frisbee, but he wouldn’t let these distractions come between him and victory. He raised the Frisbee to the heavens in an attempt to call his shot. This was the one. This would be the last Yazoo to end the hour long tournament that had defined this Saturday afternoon. Friends laughed and shouted in an attempt to rattle his cage. He smirked, knowing that his cage was perfectly still. This was the one. He wound up, swung, and released. The disk flew perfectly straight. It hovered majestically above the ground in an attempt to settle a friendly score by striking a can from its cylindrical throne. It hit a nearby tree.


Laughter permeated the summer breeze and dampened the clatter of singing cicadas. “Alright Chuck, let’s see what you got!” he announced in an attempt to compensate for a stray disk. “Don’t worry champ, I’ll send it right back to ya,” Chuck responded. Chuck sent the disk flying straight towards the pole. Direct hit. The Frisbee ricocheted into a nearby bush and, with the help of gravity, the Yazoo can jumped to a soft patch of grass a few feet below. The tournament was over. The victors had proved their worthiness. Our protagonist sulked to his knees and yelled at the clouds to get a laugh out of Chuck. Everything was good.


So it goes. Yazoo, or beersbee/polish horseshoes as it is often referred to, is a game of coordination and wits. You need to have the coordination to catch the Frisbee (and sometimes the can) while on the defending end, and on offense you must have the composure to strike the opponents’ can while repressing the unavoidable banter and barks from opponents and spectators alike. Much like any sport, it is a game of momentum. Comebacks are a norm, and once you’re on a roll…you’re on a roll! When you win you win, and when you lose you lose. And in the end, everybody has a good time. And if you did win, then you have bragging rights until next time.

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