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SeaTurtle Sports Has Got You Covered For Best Cities To Tailgate In

SeaTurtle Sports Has Got You Covered For Best Cities To Tailgate In

SeaTurtle Sports Has Got You Covered For Best Cities To Tailgate In

Everyone knows that it’s prime tailgating season in the states. Whether you’re tailgating the NFL, college ball, or your neighbor’s cookout, you always need to be prepared. This means burgers, beer, and backyard games: all of America’s favorites.


We posted about tailgating in our blog at the beginning of football season, but we recently realized that we needed a tailgate update. We’ve read here and there about the best cities for NFL tailgates, but not one (not even one) article mentioned New Orleans in their top 10. (Seriously, can we stress enough that not even one mentioned New Orleans!). So, naturally, we decided to make a list of our own. So here it is: the almost-official list of the best cities to tailgate the NFL.

#1 New Orleans

Alright, we get it, we’re a little biased. But seriously, how could New Orleans not be the best city to tailgate in? Once you’re within a few hundred yards of the Superdome you can smell the andouille sausage and Cajun wings sizzling on the grills. The sound of blaring trumpets and the collective bass from a few hundred trucks permeates the air while the black and gold masses scream WHO DAT! If the Saints win, New Orleans is a great place to celebrate. And if the Saints lose, there’s plenty to do that’ll take you mind off the game. Oh, and don’t forget, you’re allowed to drink your beers in public! Just another perk.

#2 Houston

Houston is a no brainer. Their food isn’t as spicy as ours in New Orleans, but the Texans sure know how to throw a tailgate. And they sure know how to barbecue. While you’re sure to see fans grilling up some burgers and dogs at just about any tailgate, only the Texans bring their own hog smokers to the parking lot. Houston is known for some of the world’s best BBQ and some of the craziest sports fans. Although the Texans aren’t having the hottest season, let’s not forget that it stays nice and hot in Houston throughout the season.

#3 Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is the same way, it stays nice and warm all season long. Thirty bucks at a Buccaneers tailgate gets you unlimited food and two free drinks, not a bad way to start a Sunday. However, the tailgating lot opens a mere 90 minutes before game time. While some say this is the downside of a Buc’s tailgate, we think it’s a good thing. That gives you exactly 90 minutes to down as many burgers as possible while simultaneously sinking 3’s in Turtle Toss. The 90 minute rule makes you pack a lot of fun into a Buc’s tailgate.

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