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Bocce: League Play around the Nation

Bocce: League Play around the Nation

What better way to network with fellow bocce and beach bocce aficionados than to join a local league? Now that summer is just around the corner, league action is heating up from coast to coast. And because bocce is such an inclusive, friendly game with a zero learning curve, anyone can feel comfortable signing up or forming a new team.

There are several sites on the Web that offer directories of local and regional bocce leagues. BocceBallSetsandBalls.com has a league directory organized by region and state. Squidoo hosts a similar page entitled Bocce Leagues in the United States. Yahoo! Groups even has a section dedicated to bocce leagues and clubs. You can also check with your local parks and recreation department to see about bocce tournaments and events in your area.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular bocce leagues around the country:

DC Bocce brought bocce to the nation’s capital in a big way. As a group, this league has contributed more than $85,000 to charity. Registration is open every season of the year, and usually sells out in a hurry. The Spring Season is closed for registration now, but summer registration will be opening soon.

Also located in Washington, DC, Capital Bocce hosts bocce matches at six locations around the city. Because Capital Bocce is more “under the radar,” it’s easier to get your team registered for competition. If you’re going stag, you can sign up as a free agent and get teamed with other free agents.

With pleasant weather nearly all your long, Florida is the de facto bocce and beach bocce capital of the United States. The Southwest Florida Bocce League is among the most popular in the state, as you can tell from this article on NaplesNews.com. The league pulls in people from all walks of life in Collier and Lee Counties. The league secretary, Richard Curreri, said that neighboring communities are eager to participate. The future definitely looks bright for bocce in Florida.

If you want to take your bocce game to one of the furthest corners of the United States, then Southernmost Bocce is right up your alley. Located in Key West, Florida, you literally cannot go any further south and still be in America. While you’re there, you can dip your toes in the warm waters of the Florida Straits, check out Ernest Hemingway’s old stomping ground, and just enjoy the gradual pace of life in the sub-tropics.

For a league organization with a truly nationwide influence, Bocce League fits the bill. City leagues hold competitions in Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Charleston and Virginia Beach. The Bocce League website has photo galleries and contact information for organizers in each city.

So now you see the big picture: Bocce is thriving, and on the coasts of these United States, Beach Bocce is thriving, too. The easy-going, democratic nature of the game is a big part of what makes it so popular. For many people, bocce evolves from a simple hobby into a lifelong passion. Why not get out there and play today? 

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