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Beach Bocce Ball = Leisure Time for All

Beach Bocce Ball = Leisure Time for All

Of all leisure sports, Beach Bocce Ball is by far the most leisurely. There's no book of rules to memorize or carry around. There's no dress code. Weather (almost) never has to get in the way of a game. Stress? Forget about it. Practice? Hey, that's up to you. When it comes to Beach Bocce Ball, your biggest “worry” is making sure you bring enough chairs and cold drinks to keep the crew relaxing all day.

When it comes to outdoor recreation, the ancient Romans were on to something. And no, I'm not talking about Gladiatorial combat. They knew that the best way to have fun during your down time is to keep it simple. Few rules, little competition, and no sweat are the recipe for a nearly perfect game. Beach Bocce Ball also makes a great diversion during family outings, corporate events, or just a lazy day at the shore. Look up the phrase “leisure sports” in the dictionary and you just might find a description of Beach Bocce Ball!

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