Ultra Portable Mini Bocce Ball Set


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Ever want to get off the grid with your best buddies and have a lightweight game you can bring with you to make your adventure that much better?  Maybe you travel a lot or just want to be able to have a game ready to play everywhere you go.  In all cases, SeaTurtle Sports has you covered.  We created this ultra portable and packable, lightweight Next Generation Beach Bocce Ball Mini set for all of these needs.  Play this game in the same way you play our full-sized set (don't worry, we've included game play instructions with this set as well), or create new rules to make this game your own.  Perfect for beach, park, tailgating, camping, lake side, or even indoor play.  

Features include:

  • Eight (8) balls in bright beach colors, made of tough rubber. Durable and shock resistant – won’t crack, chip or rust.  Ball diameter is approximately 2 inches.
  • One (1) Jack (target ball) made from tough synthetic polymers.
  • One (1) string for measuring those ball placements too close to measure with the naked eye.
  • One (1) durable carrying bag designed for easy portability.
  • One (1) weatherproof game rules. 

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