Beach Bocce Ball Mini


Sometimes four players can be a crowd. And two players can be perfect. Especially if the two of you have an outstanding beef that can only be settled by a game of bocce. That’s why we created Beach Bocce Ball Mini. Half the players, half the weight, same high-quality Beach Bocce balls when you want a lighter load on the go. The easy-to-carry bag has everything our full-size game does, with four balls instead of eight.

Features include:

  • Four (4) balls in bright beach colors, made of tough synthetic polymers and injection-molded. Durable and shock resistant – won’t crack, chip or rust. Balls are Petanque size (the French version of Bocce) – which is 74 mm, or 3 in., in diameter.
  • One (1) Jack (target ball) made from the same impact-resistant material.
  • One (1) string for measuring those ball placements too close to measure with the naked eye.
  • One (1) durable carrying bag designed for easy portability.

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