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Yazoo Disc Toss Game


We had every weekend warrior in mind when we designed Yazoo, a disc throwing game, also known as Beersbee, Frisbeer, Nuggers, Frisnik and Stickzee, just to name a few. It's challenging, addictive fun, and our set is built to last with quality components and attention to every detail.  

Our one-piece pole design featuring telescopic poles was the first in its class, more durable and user friendly compared to the cheap multi-piece push-pin poles of other sets. Yazoo comes with a 175 gram (10.75" diameter) standard disc. 

Yazoo is played by throwing a disc back and forth while trying to knock over a can or bottle that has been placed on top of a stick or pole. Players alternate disc throws and score points by successfully knocking the can off the opponent’s pole with the disc and/or can hitting the ground. The first player or team to reach 21 points wins the game. Yazoo is contagious. Game enthusiasts in Concord, North Carolina even partnered with us to create the "Yazoo World Championship," now an annual event.

Our version of the game, Yazoo, boasts quick assembly and portability, Just grab and go. Yazoo’s one-piece telescoping poles give you the instant flexibility to play at any height – no re-connecting or searching for pole parts – and compress to 24 inches to become the perfect travel companion. We provide target cans with your set, but using the empties of your favorite beverage works just as well. Yazoo is the perfect on the go game for spontaneous fun wherever life takes you.


Note: For ages 8 and up.

Features Include:

    • Two (2) telescoping aluminum poles
    • One 175 gram disc
    • Two (2) durable can-shaped targets
    • Carry bag
    • Laminated weatherproof rules
    • Rubber boots to protect pole tips

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Meet the SeaTurtle Sports Family

Our story actually begins back in 2002, while on a family vacation in Grayton Beach, Florida, when the idea for the business - or at least our first game, Beach Bocce Ball – was born.

A life-long friend lucky enough to live on Grayton Beach introduced us to playing bocce-on-the-beach. Our sons, ages 10 and 13, were immediately hooked and easily torn away from the video games that had previously accompanied them everywhere. The only problem was this addictive new bocce game had rusting balls, chipped paint, and gave off the appearance of a very mediocre set. Inspired by hours of relaxed family fun, we set out to craft a bocce set that was both portable and durable, pairing bright, beachy colors with injection molded bocce balls that wouldn’t crack or rust.

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