Yazoo Bottle Beersbee Disc Toss Game


Life is complicated. Time off shouldn’t be. We had every weekend warrior in mind when we designed Yazoo, a disc throwing game similar to Beersbee, also known as Frisbeer, Nuggers, Frisnik and Stickzee, just to name a few. This toss game can be played as a point tournament or as a tailgating game. (You know where you fit, so we won’t persuade you either way.)

Yazoo is played by throwing a disc back and forth while trying to knock over a can or bottle that has been placed on top of a stick or pole. As far as we can tell, we owe our Canadian neighbors credit for this challenging - and addictive - new game. 

Our new version of the game, Yazoo, boasts quick assembly, portability, and a custom carrying case for your keys, cell phone, sunglasses and other essentials. Yazoo’s one-piece telescoping poles give you the instant flexibility to play at any height – no re-connecting or searching for pole parts – and compress to 24 inches to become the perfect travel companion.  We also provide target cans with your set, but using the empties of your favorite beverage works just as well.

Game Overview:

Yazoo is an outdoor game for 2 or more players (up to 6, 3 per team) where a disc is thrown back and forth between two poles with empty cans set on top. When a team is on offense their goal is to knock the can off their opponent’s pole by hitting the can directly with the disc or by hitting the pole. When a team is on defense, players stand behind their pole and try to catch both the disc and the can if it is knocked off. Players alternate disc throws and score points by successfully knocking the can off the opponent’s pole with the disc and/or can hitting the ground.  The first player or team to reach 21 points wins the game.

Note: For ages 8 and up.

Features Include:

    • Two (2) telescoping aluminum poles
    • Two (2) zoom discs 
    • Two (2) durable can-shaped targets
    • Laminated weatherproof rules
    • Rubber boots to protect pole tips
    • Convenient locking device to keep the poles together when you are traveling or for storage


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