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SeaTurtle Sports' Tips for Spring Break 2016

SeaTurtle Sports' Tips for Spring Break 2016

SeaTurtle Sports' Tips for Spring Break 2016

It’s vacation season in the USA! Plenty of families are planning a spring vacation and college students are preparing for Spring Break 2016. While you could spend your hard-earned savings on a lavish spring getaway, we don’t think expensive vacations are always necessary. All you really need for a killer vacation is family, friends, and some sun…and of course some epic SeaTurtle Sports games. So here are some tips on how to get the most bang for your buck this vacation season. (Broke college students listen up)

#1 Road Trip

This one is a no brainer. You save on flights, you can pack your car to the brim, and you have the chance to see some pretty cool sights as you trek to your destination. Plus there’s nothing like blasting your favorite tunes while you drive around on a sunny Spring day. If you choose to go camping you could even cut out hotel fees. Just rent a tent from your nearest outdoor store, grab your Turtle Toss boards, and hit the road. You can go camping anywhere from mountains to canyons, forests to deserts, beaches to lakes, you name it. Although, we suggest beach camping.


#2 Cruise

Cruises are seemingly lavish vacations. You get on a massive ocean-faring boat (often decked out with tennis courts, restaurants, bars, even water parks) and you sail to lush, foreign destinations. However, a lot of under-booked cruises are actually pretty cheap! The Norwegian Cruise Line has week-long Caribbean cruises starting from $350 per person. Oh yeah, and all meals are included. That’s only $50 a day. Either check for cruises that aren’t for a few months to get an early book discount or try to book last minute. If the cruise line hasn’t filled up a ship in the week before it disembarks they’ll cut costs drastically.


#3 Visit a Friend

One of the best ways to save on expenses for a vacation is by staying with a friend. Have some friends or family in the tropics? Pay them a visit. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. You get to re-connect and you get free room and board. On the other hand your friends/family will love showing you around their city and they know you’re paying for dinner and drinks.


Extra Tip:

If you’re planning a vacation, especially last minute, be sure to check the weather. You’re not going to get a perfect tan in the rain.

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