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Beat the Post-Holiday Blues With SeaTurtle Sports' Favorite Indoor Games

Beat the Post-Holiday Blues With SeaTurtle Sports' Favorite Indoor Games


The Holiday season is over and the New Year is here. We’re all going back to work or school, the nights are still long, and it’s too darn cold outside. BUT, there are always ways to get active and have some fun indoors. So next time it’s too dark or cold to play in the yard, try some of these awesome indoor activities.


#1 Turtle Toss (Cornhole)

Indoor cornhole is perfect for keeping older children preoccupied. As a backyard game company we had to put it on the list. Cornhole is a perfect indoor game (as long as you don’t play in the kitchen!). You could play Turtle Toss or cornhole in the basement, the garage, or even your room if you’re an accurate shot. Just don’t be trying any trick shots.


#2 DIY Bowling

This one is a classic. All you need is some empty two liter bottles and a ball. Line up the bottles as the pins and voila, you got yourself a homemade bowling alley. This game is perfect for parents who think that indoor cornhole might get a little out of hand.


#3 Balloon Tennis

Here’s an innovative take on a professional sport. It’s simple: use a balloon as a tennis ball and make rackets by taping a paper plate to a ruler. This game is also perfect for younger kids. Don’t worry about making a net, kids are creative. Just have them keep the balloon from touching the ground. Don’t want to make rackets? No problem. Have the kids keep the balloon up with their hands.



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