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SeaTurtle Sports 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

SeaTurtle Sports 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

SeaTurtle Sports 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

At SeaTurtle Sports we’re all about getting outside with family and friends and having a good time. We develop innovative new products that literally “change the game,” and we love other companies that are dedicated to innovation as well. For these reasons we’ve decided to make our own holiday gift guide this year. All of these products are novel approaches to traditional products and they’re all a great way to get out and have fun. So while you’re surfing the web for the best deals on iPads and LCD TVs, don’t forget to check out some of these products too. Get outside and play this holiday season!



#1: POD Tents

First on our list are POD tents. POD takes a revolutionary approach to traditional camping by offering what they call a “social camping experience.” POD tents are high-quality, extremely durable, and most importantly they are all connectible. Meaning you can connect your POD to anybody else’s POD to create a vest network of tents, thus creating the social camping experience. Check out the promo video on their website!



#2: The Multi-Function Cooler

The multi-function cooler looks like any other cooler. It’s compact and you can roll it around to your destination. However, most coolers aren’t also tables! The multi-function cooler has two-side panels that extend to make a table out of your cooler. It also comes with two chairs so you can take a seat, catch some sun, and enjoy your beverages at the same time.



#3: The Big Easy Smoker, Roaster, and Grill

Now this one’s cool. Using infrared technology, the Big Easy allows you to smoke, roast, or grill using one highly portable machine. If you’re trying to throw a legendary tailgate or simply host a great backyard BBQ, this is an essential. The name also gives a nod to the culinary prowess of our hometown of New Orleans.



#4: Inflatable Lounge Rafts

A number of companies make inflatable lounge rafts, but the Intex Oasis is our favorite because it’s affordable and has all the essentials: back rests and cup holders. If you spend a lot of time at the beach or the lake, then this is the gift for you. Push off from shore and lunge out in the sun with some drinks and good friends.



#5: Turtle Toss

And of course our final entry to the SeaTurtle Sports holiday gift guide is our newest product, Turtle Toss. Turtle Toss a unique take on one of America’s favorite games, Cornhole. Instead of the traditional single hole boards, however, our Turtle Toss boards boast three. They’re incredibly durable and better yet, they’re highly portable. No need to lug around those heavy Cornhole boards anymore. Turtle Toss is lightweight and retracts to fit in a carry bag, just like a camping chair. Plus our bags have mesh bottoms for filtering out the sand. No more sand in the car after a long day at the beach. Keep tossin!



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