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Our Recommended Best 2014 Spring Break Destinations!

Our Recommended Best 2014 Spring Break Destinations!



With the hard-hitting, storm-filled winter, SeaTurtle Sports thought this might be an appropriate time to review our favorite Spring Break destinations for 2014.  We have actually had some first-hand experiences at a few of these locations and can vouch for the soft sand, cool ocean breezes, and after beach hour hot spots.  In addition, all of these locations offer fantastic beaches so you can bring your favorite SeaTurtle Sports’ game to play the day away (beverages not included). 


Our top picks for Spring Break 2014 include Panama City and Miami Beach, Florida and South Padre Island, Texas.  Let’s start with the Gulf Coast locations, which are closest to home for us and perhaps you as well.  Panama City, Florida has been a Spring Break destination for as long as anyone can remember and is full of bathing-suit clad, beautiful people.  MTV cannot prepare you for Panama City.  One has to experience this Spring Break destination first-hand to understand it.  Known for the huge diversity of competitions held and the throngs of college students as spectators, you’ll need to prepare yourself for one non-stop party.  A word to the wise, purchase your food and drinks ahead of time and store them in your hotel room.  There is a Wal-mart on Front Beach Road to stock up on alcohol and day-time snacks.  The only other thing you need is your SeaTurtle Sports Tervis Tumbler to transport your beverages from party to party.


On the other side of the Gulf Coast, South Padre Island offers a 34-mile stretch of glorious white sand beaches.  Known during the rest of the year as a quiet resort town, more than 250,000 students flood the small island during Spring Break to enjoy the local bars and warm Gulf Coast water.  The great thing is if you need a break from the packed bars, booze cruises, and raging concerts, you can drive out to the end of the northbound road, cross the dunes and find yourself at a remote, empty beach.  If you are driving to South Padre Island, beware of Texas Highway 100’s infamous speed traps.  People have reported being stopped for going just 1 mile over the speed limit.  No one wants to kick Spring Break off with a speeding ticket.  You’ll also want to pack your Beach Bocce Ball set to play on the large expanses of beach and as a daily challenge and drinking game amongst new and old friends.  With our colorful bocce set, meant specifically for beach-use, you’ll be attracting a crowd of beach gaming enthusiasts just by bringing it out.


Miami Beach, Florida offers a more cosmopolitan Spring Break option with access to unlimited upscale clubs, restaurants, and shopping and has emerged as one of the newest Spring Break hot spots.   Used as filming locations for several television series and movies and having a big music scene, you now can find world famous DJs spinning at many of the local clubs.  More expensive than other Spring Break locations, cheap flights into Miami International and Fort Lauderdale airports, make getting to and from Miami Beach more affordable.  And once you are there, no car is needed.  However, for a celebrity-worthy escape, don’t forget to take a walk through the recently renovated Fountainebleau Hotel, sporting your luxurious, soft-cotton SeaTurtle Sports Polo to blend in with its trendy crowd.


Now all that is left is for you to share your Spring Break photos, stories, and good times with SeaTurtle Sports via our Twitter page (https://twitter.com/seaturtlesports).  You can also check out our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/beachbocce) and Twitter page to participate in a Spring Break-related contest to win a new game to take on your Spring Break trip!

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