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The Power of Entrepreneurship

The Power of Entrepreneurship

From exploring our website to interacting with SeaTurtle Sports on social media, it’s easy to tell that our company is one with a stimulating entrepreneurial spirit, highly engaged team members, and a big heart for supporting other entrepreneurs whether local to us in New Orleans, or all over the world through the likes of Kiva.  In addition to what we share with our avid followers, SeaTurtle Sports is always participating in all sorts of events and causes behind the scenes that we often don’t have the chance to share with you.


We have through accidental occasions stumbled across some fantastic, successful companies which illustrate the power of entrepreneurship, a force we are all so passionate about.  We were introduced to a company called Modify Watches through one of our manufacturer connections as a way to illustrate how to build an outstanding Kickstarter campaign.  Modify Watches (http://modifywatches.com/) is a company which offers fun, colorful and affordable watches through mix-and-match face and strap options.  They have been featured on Good Morning America, Rachel Ray, Vanity Fair, and several other major networks and publications.  Best yet, they just raised more than $54,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to fund company expansion and to hire more U.S. full-time employees.  Pretty cool right?  We think so!  And to think, that Modify watches was founded exactly four years ago by two entrepreneurs is incredibly inspiring and should motivate individuals with great ideas to dive in and give a start-up a try.


New Orleans recently completed its 6th annual entrepreneurship week (NOEW), run by IdeaVillage, which was a huge success.  NOEW’s homepage describes the breadth of the event best.  NOEW engaged more than 5,000 entrepreneurs, businesses, prominent investors, and MBA students through over 56 innovative events.  75 New Orleans-based start-ups were showcased in 16 capital competitions and received more than $300,000 in venture, angel, or seed funding.  Now that is an incredible result of the power of entrepreneurship!


In addition to everything we are doing external to SeaTurtle Sports, in the spirit of fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in others, we are very excited to announce we have selected a Louisiana native for our summer 2014 internship position.  Last year, we had a great experience with our Tulane MBA intern and we don’t expect to have much of a different experience this year.  We were overwhelmed with the amount of applicants that replied to our WorkNola internship posting and would like to thank everyone for their interest in SeaTurtle Sports.


We can’t wait to kick-off our summer season with new relationships with inspirational start-ups and an enthusiastic new intern who will help grow our company and help us drive the power of entrepreneurship!




Team SeaTurtle Sports

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