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The Benefits of the Outdoors

The Benefits of the Outdoors


SeaTurtle Sports has always been about connecting family and friends through our social, outdoor games.  Both the social and outdoor aspect of our company promotes a healthy lifestyle and as such we, at SeaTurtle Sports especially love the summer months.  The kids are out of school and there is no shortage of activities that everybody loves. Even the moodiest of teenagers can’t turn down a trip to the beach on a hot day. However, not only are outdoor activities like this good for bonding with family and friends, they are also integral to kids’ health and wellness.


In the last ten years, kids are spending more time inside, and the effects are showing. Kids are becoming more out of shape and are not developing methods to deal with stress as they age such as exercise. According to a study done by the National Wildlife Federation, getting children outside has numerous benefits for the mind and body.  In addition to the fitness aspects of getting children and teenagers outside, did you know that ten to twenty minutes of sunlight can provide enough Vitamin D for one day?  Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen after ten minutes or so of exposure to the sun.


The body isn’t the only thing benefiting from regular outdoor play. Tests have revealed that exposure to outdoor elements are also reducing ADHD symptoms which is a much better option than prescription medication.  Overall, children who spend more time outside have drastically lower stress levels, as well as less anxiety and depression.


So next time you are planning a family barbeque or beach trip, remember that not only are you getting some quality time with your family, you are setting a great example for your children.



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