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Happy Fourth of July from SeaTurtle Sports

Happy Fourth of July from SeaTurtle Sports


The July 4th long weekend is just around the corner and we at SeaTurtle Sports can’t wait to celebrate it with a weekend full of catching up with friends and family at the beach while playing our outdoor games.

Fox Channel’s Fox & Friends couldn’t agree more, and they asked us to be featured in their July 4th bash segment airing on June 29, 2014.  Alongside some great July 4th food and drink ideas, Beach Bocce Ball and Beach Bocce Ball Mini were showcased and many new enthusiasts were introduced to our brand.

We received an overwhelming response in pre-ordering our new games Yazoo and Turtle Toss, which will be available in August and also interest and sales of our Beach Bocce Ball and Beach Bocce Ball Mini set.  We can’t wait to see and hear the response in August when we bring two new social games to the market.

Our clip from Fox & Friends can be viewed here (we are featured near the end of the segment):


We hope you have a great and safe time wherever you spend your long weekend.


Happy Fourth of July!!!






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