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SeaTurtle Sports' Music Playlist for Summer 2014

SeaTurtle Sports' Music Playlist for Summer 2014


We at Sea Turtle Sports know that every adventure needs a theme song. Here are four summer favorites we recommend to be paired with one of our games for a day or night of fun at the beach or wherever you are:


1) Summer by Calvin Harris

How could we not start off our list with this new song by Calvin Harris?  With an upbeat tempo and lyrics, it’s the perfect song to play in the background of any activity.

2) California Gurls by Katy Perry

Although California Gurls was released back in 2010, it still is a favorite summertime and vacation tune for many.  The carefree lyrics make it an easy listen and catchy enough to sing along.

3) Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen

We are from the South, so what do you expect?  We couldn’t resist adding this song to our playlist as it represents exactly what our company was founded on – getting caught up with family and friends and making great memories.

4) Summer Nights by Rascal Flatts

This song incorporates all of our favorite summer time activities including bonfires on the beach so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s making an appearance on our list.  All you need is some good friends, a hot summer night, and a beach to gather on to enjoy this song.


Email us at info@seaturtlesports.com to share your favorite summer song suggestions!

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