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SeaTurtle Sports' Favorite Summer Camping Spots

SeaTurtle Sports' Favorite Summer Camping Spots


One of our favorite activities to do in the summertime is go camping. It’s inexpensive, and fun and what it lacks in comfort, is made up in adventure. We also believe that our products are great for entertainment while on a camping trip. Some of the games we create are better for beach camping and some are more fun when played while camping in the woods.


Grab your ice chests, your grills, your tents, and your Sea Turtle Sports’ games and check out some of our favorite camping locations in and around the Gulf Coast!  We categorized our camping spots by which of our game sets to pack with you.


Beach Bocce Ball Mini:

Beach Bocce Ball Mini isn’t too much of a commitment to pack, as it’s smaller and lighter than our full set. This is the perfect game for a spur of the moment overnight campout. And there’s no place we would recommend more highly than the Gulf State Park campgroundin Gulf Shores, AL. The campsites are spacious, there is easy access to hiking and bike riding trails, and you’re just a few minutes drive from Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, where you can set up your games and have a beautiful evening by the water.


Beach Bocce Ball:

Bringing the full size Bocce set shows that you’re a bit more committed to your camping trip and this leads us to believe you’re willing to travel farther to a more exotic location. For this game we would suggest Cayo Costa State Park in Boca Grand, FL. To get here, you need to drive down the coast of Florida a few hours, and then hop on a ferry to the island. Boasting nine miles of beaches, Cayo Costa is the perfect place to go for a long weekend or a vacation. Aside from playing Beach Bocce Ball, you can go snorkeling, fishing, and swimming to your heart’s desire.



Our new game, Yazoo, is a very versatile game that can be played in any outdoor environment. Therefore, for variety’s sake we’re going to choose a camping site away from the beach. The first one that comes to mind near the gulf shore would be Seminole State Park Donalsonville, GA. Located around Lake Seminole in the Southwest corner of Georgia, this park is perfect for fishing, swimming, hiking, and you guessed it, playing Yazoo. And once you get a hankering to play something else, visit the mini golf course that’s inside the park.


Turtle Toss:

Turtle Toss, the second game we are just about to release, is a variation of the classic game cornhole. This means the players must really have their eye on the target. Similarly, camping enthusiasts with their eyes on the prize can’t ignore the campgrounds in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennesssee. A six or seven hour drive from many gulf shore locations, is the perfect spot for a vacation getaway. The hiking here is some of the best in the country, and you haven’t seen sunsets until you see them cloaking these mountains in orange light. For those willing to dedicate themselves to something new, whether it be a new game or a new environment, this is a winning combination.



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