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SeaTurtle Sports Top 5 Favorite Water Parks

SeaTurtle Sports Top 5 Favorite Water Parks


The end of August is approaching, which means two things.  Kids and college students are going back to school soon, and, at least on the Gulf Coast, it’s the hottest time of the season.  Both of these make the perfect excuse to check out some of the wildest water parks in the country.  Get your family and friends together and join us as we count down our top 5 water parks in the country (with a little bit of bias of course!)


#5 Blue Bayou and Dixie Landin’ - Baton Rouge, LA

Let’s get the bias out of the way first. This place is just a hop skip and jump away from our home in New Orleans, and it’s the perfect way to spend a muggy August day. It is known to some as “Land of Giants” as it boasts five of the biggest water slides in the country. With amusement park Dixie Landin’ right next door, there’s something for everyone.


***Favorite Ride – Azuka.  The world’s largest tornado slide.


#4 Great Wolf Lodge – Several locations

 For those who want to stay cool even when they’re out of the water, the Great Wolf Lodge is the place for you. The largest indoor waterpark chain in the country, they have locations all over the US, with the closest to the Gulf Coast being in Grapevine, TX. The resorts also boast fantastic restaurants, spas, arcades, and fitness areas.


***Favorite Ride - Howling Tornado.  A 6 story funnel.


#3 Noah’s Ark Water Park- Wisconsin Dells, WI


Size does matter! Noah’s Ark, located up in Wisconsin, is the largest water park in the US. The park boasts over 50 water slides, 2 wave pools and a surfing simulator. There is always something new to try at Noah’s Ark. It might have cracked number one if it wasn’t in such a cold weather climate.


***Favorite Ride- Scorpion Tail.  Riders ride an almost vertical slide into an inclined loop.


#2 Wet n’ Wild- Orlando, FL

Now for a park a little closer to home. Located right next to Universal Orlando Resort, Wet n’ Wild can be a slightly less crowded alternative. This park features the most multi-rider rides in the country, so it’s a great park for a group adventure. The state of Florida is known for great parks, and this is our personal favorite.


***Favorite Ride - The Black Hole: Next Generation.  A dizzying slide that guides the riders through outer space.


#1 Water Country USA- Williamsburg VA

For the best water park in the country, we choose Water Country USA. One reason is location, as it lies in the heart of Historic Colonial Williamsburg, only minutes away from one of our favorite amusement parks, Busch Gardens. With countless unique rides and can’t miss wave pools, this is the pinnacle of water parks in America.


***Favorite Ride - Vanish Point.  This terrifying ride begins with a drop away floor, leading you into a totally vertical slide that curls and twists down 75 feet.



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