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The Story Behind Yazoo

The Story Behind Yazoo

For the past two years there has been a game trending, that some people refer to as “Beersbee”. It’s a mystery where this game came from, but rumor is, it was created in Canada. People used makeshift poles with pop or beer cans on top and would toss a disc to try and knock the cans off.

When we saw this game for the first time, the SeaTurtle Sports team was intrigued by it. After extensive research on the game, we realized there were a lot of homemade versions ranging from using PVC piping purchased from local hardware stores to people using sticks found in their backyards. The different versions of the game interested us, and our intern William saw limitations and knew he could come up with an even better design.

The first idea William had was changing the PVC piping and sticks to telescopic poles for better storage and portability. This got our first prototype underway which coincidently was just prior to SeaTurtle Sports’ second summer marketing tour on the beaches of the Gulf Coast in 2013. William and his friend Dalton began crafting SeaTurtle Sports’ version of the game. The power saw was grinding, sparks were flying and a thick smell of saw dust and spray paint filled the air. William and Dalton ended up hanging their freshly painted prototype poles from a ladder placed across a brick fence. The prototype dried just in time for William and Dalton to head out on SeaTurtle Sports’ annual summer tour the next day.


We knew this game was popular in the North, but until we went on the road we weren’t sure how people would react in the South. Our homemade prototype was a bigger hit than we anticipated and people were intrigued with what we were playing. Teaching beach goers how to play was the best part about it. We also used this coaching opportunity to perfect our disc throws to compensate for factors such as the wind.

On September 15th Yazoo will be available for purchase. For those of you who would like to try out the game or challenge us to a game, look for SeaTurtle Sports' tailgating tent at several NCAA Football games this Fall.

Be one of the first to try out and own this addictive new game!

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