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SeaTurtle Sports' Top Three Tailgating Schools

SeaTurtle Sports' Top Three Tailgating Schools

There are plenty of reasons to love college football. There's the drama of a tight game, the excitement of watching a blue-chip prospect tear up the field, and the rush of cheering for an alma mater. But of course, that's not the full package; a proper game needs a proper pregame. We're talking tailgating, and here in the South, we're lucky enough to have some of the biggest and best tailgate traditions in all the US. So read on, and take a look at our three picks for easily reachable college bashes.


#1 LSU


One of the biggest parties in a state full of big parties, LSU's home games draw a small army of fans from all corners of Louisiana. RV's, tents, and (of course) barbecues start showing up days before game day as supporters stream in. Food is front and center at a lot of tailgates, but few can offer a spread like the one you'll find at LSU. Traditional Louisiana cooking abounds, and you'll see more than your fair share of jambalaya, boudin, and gumbo. Once you've eaten, make sure to catch the team's grand entrance from Victory Hill, and the Golden Band's pregame performance once they make it to the stadium.


#2 Clemson


Clemson and LSU share a team name (Tigers), a stadium nickname (Death Valley), and a reputation for football parties (stellar). Clemson games can bring in crowds of 80,000 exuberant fans, many of whom take the marathon approach to tailgating, keeping at it before, after, and sometimes during games. Clemson's also notable for some quirky traditions. The team's running entrance down “The Hill” is accompanied by a cannon blast, and the “Tiger Rag”, Clemson's famous fight song. Clemson fans even have their own currency in the form of paw-marked two-dollar bills. Not to mention their own blue cheese. Not many schools have their own blue cheese.


#3 Texas A&M


We'll start with the Midnight Yell. This 12AM pep rally gets up to 20,000 Aggies chanting and, well, yelling. Even if you're a non-Aggie, there's plenty to love about Texas A&M. College Station, TX, is a growing, vibrant town. And A&M is a growing, vibrant school. Texas tailgates are all that you'd imagine; you won't be going hungry in Aggieland. So head on down, but go early – the best spots get taken fast.

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