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What To: Do and See During a New Orleans Halloween

What To: Do and See During a New Orleans Halloween


It’s Halloween, and in this voodoo-thick city, you'd have to wait til Mardi Gras to hear bigger news. You've hopefully got your costume locked and loaded, so we can move onto giving you some advice on where to go once your dressed in your 31st best. NOLA's Halloween mad – we're just going to point out the hot spots.


Frenchmen Street


Forget Bourbon – if you're in the quarter, this is the place to be. Frenchmen has always played colorful cousin to the bright lights and hand grenades of New Orleans' tourist epicenter, but it really comes into its own for Halloween. Expect well...everything. Expect everything. It's insanity at its best, and probably one of the best spots for costume spotting in the whole city. It's also within striking distance of the Krewe of Boo, the Autumnal answer to Mardi Gras parades. And, of course, there's music. There's always music on Frenchmen.




Sure, sure, this one might seem pretty boring after item number one up there, but don't pass it by entirely. Uptown is probably one of the best trick or treating options families have in New Orleans. It's safe, and largely removed from the nuttiness that takes place down by the river. Not only that, but you'll be seeing some of the best decorations imaginable. The Skeleton House on St. Charles is worth a trip in its own right. Full of some of the best and worst skeleton puns imaginable, it's humerus at worst, cringe-inducing at best. Our personal favorite this year? Definitely the ice bucket challenge.


Haunted Houses


Our shoulder-devils are begging us to tell you to take your kids to The Mortuary. We're not fans of childhood trauma, so we'll ignore them this time. You really, really shouldn't take your kids to The Mortuary. It's a multi-story scream house, and it's among NOLA's finest. But, of course, there are plenty of options. Necropolis 13 is takes you through haunted, sub-cemetery catacombs, and of course, we can't finish this list without the celebrated House of Shock, sadly closing its creaky doors after 2014.


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