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Is It Time—for Spring Break and Beach Bocce Ball?

Is It Time—for Spring Break and Beach Bocce Ball?

March is here. Spring is definitely in the air. The Gulf Coast is prepping for Spring Breakers, the sun is riding higher in the sky and the water is really starting to look inviting. You may already be planning a bonfire and party at the beach for you and your best friends. And how do you keep a party going smoothly, apart from the adult beverages? Beach games, of course.

You probably have a truckload of tired old beach games to keep the party alive. Let me guess—You’ve got a worn-out football, a couple of warped Frisbees and a volleyball that looks like it spent time on that island with Tom Hanks. I’m bored just thinking about it. Let’s try something different this year, can we? Why not give Beach Bocce Ball a whirl?

Here, I’ll give you three reasons why Beach Bocce Ball is the perfect game for Spring Break: Number One, it’ easy—easy to learn, easy to play, easy all around. When you’re on your third pina colada, you need things to be easy. Number Two, it’s fun without being so competitive. You stand next to your opponent, like your best friends. Isn’t that nice? Number Three, it never gets old. Beach Bocce Ball has really been around forever, in one form or another. It’s so simple, and so fun, that people just never get tired of tossing the old balls around.

Take a break from the usual Spring Break beach games. Put Beach Bocce Ball in your beach games rotation and you won’t be disappointed.

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