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Beach Bocce for Christmas – Why Wait for Summer?

Beach Bocce for Christmas – Why Wait for Summer?

Struggling to choose that perfect gift this Christmas? Maybe your significant other already has everything under the sun, and you’re tired of buying socks, ties, or cookware that just takes up cabinet space. Maybe the kids are obsessed with their phones and game consoles, like techie zombies. Maybe it’s time to think outside the box—really outside the box. Instead of Christmas in July, why not start your own version of “July in Christmas.”

That’s where Beach Bocce comes in. While typically a warm weather game, Beach Bocce can bring fun to any climate. Is there a dusting of snow on the ground? Even better.  Break out the eggnog, invite some friends, and roll those balls.  Be sure  to test the consistency of the snow; heavy, wet snow may slow down your game or even require a toss, while dry powder will let the balls roll freely.

And here’s a suggestion.  Don’t inhibit the fun with gift wrap.  Put those colorful Beach Bocce balls in full display – ready for action in the backyard or a nearby park.  If you’re really adventurous, organize a winter trip to the beach and join the Polar Bears in play.  And here’s the best part about Beach Bocce for Christmas: An afternoon rolling balls in the cold will help you shiver away those big holiday meals.

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