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To throw or to roll? The Beach Bocce Ball question.

To throw or to roll? The Beach Bocce Ball question.

If you’ve ever seen a group of guys playing Bocce in a park in Italy, then you know Bocce players can get pretty fancy with ball-throwing and rolling strategies, even on specially prepared sand, grass or gravel surfaces. So imagine the opportunities for developing your own fancy throwing – or rolling – style on the beach! Beach Bocce Ball offers loads of fun obstacles, like clumps of seaweed and driftwood, sand crabs, sea spray and any number of other factors that can affect your game and the strategies you use. All you need to know to get started is how to lob and how to roll.  A lob shot is typically thrown underhand or overhand but with an eye on height and sometimes backspin, reducing the roll after it lands. If the sand is hard or the jack is near the water’s edge, a roll might be the optimum strategy for ball placement. Unless the sand is very soft, some people prefer to roll most of the time. Lob or roll is strictly a matter of preference.

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